Black Duck Google Cloud Platform integrations

There are several ways to use Synopsys products in a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) environment. Products can be deployed (installed) in GCP, and Black Duck / Coverity scans can be invoked in GCP by using Synopsys Detect

Invoking Synopsys scans

Synopsys scans are invoked using Synopsys Detect, which consolidates the functionality of Black Duck™ and Coverity™ on Polaris™ client-side tools into a single tool. Synopsys Detect also makes it easier to set up and scan code bases using a variety of languages and package managers.


Refer to the following links for more information about how to use Synopsys products in the Google Cloud Platform.

Black Duck Jenkins integration with Google Container Engine (GKE)

Scanning images in Google Container Registry (GCR)

Scanning in Google Cloud Platform or Build by using Synopsys Detect

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