Synopsys Microsoft Azure platform integrations

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Microsoft Azure is a cloud-computing service that offers a variety of software, platform, and infrastructure services.  Microsoft Azure also offers container-based solutions, including the Azure Container Registry, which stores images for container deployments.

There are several ways that Synopsys Products integrate with Azure:

  1. You can deploy Black Duck in Microsoft Azure.
  2. Black Duck integrates with Microsoft Azure to facilitate scanning of containers stored in the Azure Container Registry (ACR). Image scan results are sent to your dedicated Black Duck instance, providing vulnerability, license, and operational risk results on the open source software components identified in the ACR image. 
  3. Synopsys Detect integrates with Azure DevOps and TFS (click /wiki/spaces/BDTS/pages/71106782 for more information).
  4. Synopsys Seeker integrates with Azure App Service.

Refer to the following links for more information about deploying Black Duck in Azure and scanning containers stored in the Azure Container Registry.

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