Requirements for Synopsys Detect in Azure DevOps

The following is a list of requirements for the Synopsys Detect in Azure DevOps integration.

  • Black Duck server.
    For the supported versions of Black Duck, refer to Black Duck Release Compatibility.

  • Black Duck API token to use with Azure.

  • Azure DevOps Services or Azure DevOps Server 17 or later

  • Java.
    OpenJDK versions 8 and 11 are supported. Other Java development kits may be compatible, but only OpenJDK is officially supported for Synopsys Detect.

  • Internet access

The Synopsys Detect Extension for Azure DevOps is supported on the same operating systems and browsers as Black Duck.

For scanning NuGet projects, verify that you have the NuGet tool installer set up in the build job definition.  You can download it at DevOps/build-release/tasks/tool/nuget?view=Azure DevOps.

You can get the Synopsys Detect for Azure DevOps plugin at VisualStudio Marketplace.