How to Generate an API Token in Black Duck

Black Duck user access (API) tokens can be used instead of a username and password, or to authenticate to the API over basic authentication.  After your token is generated, a message displays and shows your token.  For security reasons, this is the only time your token is presented to you.  Synopsys recommends that you save the token in a text file.  You also have the option to regenerate a new token with the same name and description at any time.

Many of the Integrations products require the use of an API token when configuring the product, and the token may also be used for your login credentials. 

Use the following process to generate your API token.

Generating an API token

  1. Log in into a Black Duck instance.
  2. From the user menu located on the top navigation bar, select My Access Tokens.
    The My Access Tokens page appears.
  3. Click Create New Token. The Create New Token dialog box appears
  4. Type your name in the Name field.
  5. Optional: in the Description field, you can type a description or definition.
  6. Select Read Access and/or Write Access.
  7. Click Create. The API token displays in a pop-up window. For security reasons, this is the only time your user API
    token displays. Please save this token. If the token is lost, you must regenerate it.
  8. Optional: To modify an access token that you created, click the arrow in the same row as the access
    token name to open a drop-down menu and select Edit, Delete, or Regenerate.
  9. Configure the plugin with your blackduck url and the API token you just generated.