Managing Certificates in Alert

When you want to test a connection to a Black Duck server or an external channel and you receive a PKIX error you can use the Certificates page to add the certificates to enable communication.

This section explains how you add, edit, and delete certificates from the system. The capability to manage certificates in Alert was added in Alert version 6.0.0.

To create, edit, or delete certificates, click Certificates on the left navigation panel to open the Certificates page.

  • To add a new certificate, click +New, populate the fields and save.

  • To delete a certificate, select the checkbox in the row that represents the certificate and then click the Delete button.

  • To edit a certificate, double-click the row for the user, or click the Edit icon.

  • When you disable Enable Auto-Refresh on the Certificates screen a Refresh button appears, which enables you to refresh the display.

  • Use the search box to search for installed certificates.

Custom certificates

You can specify a custom jssecacerts or cacerts file to be used as the Alert trust store. These are mounted like Docker secrets to secure this sensitive information.

  • The jssecacerts file takes precedence over the cacerts file.

  • If neither file can be found in the secrets directory, Alert creates a new trust store file.