Synopsys Alert

Synopsys Alert enables you to see the Black Duck notifications you want, where and when you want them. Alert supports a number of commonly used distribution channels, such as email, Slack, Azure Boards, and Jira. Alert streamlines the process of getting timely, valuable Black Duck related notifications to key stakeholders.

Alert is a web application that runs in a browser and has its own user interface. Alert can be orchestrated as part of and runs in parallel with your Black Duck deployment.  Logging into Black Duck is not required to use Alert.

After configuring your Black Duck provider and notification channels in Alert, users with the administrator or job manager role can create distribution jobs that determine how the notifications are sent from Black Duck to the various Alert channels.

How Alert works

After Alert is configured, it runs continuously in the background receiving notifications from Black Duck and delivering those notifications to configured recipients using the configured channels. Administrators can verify the successful sending of notifications through the Alert Audit screen.


Basic workflow

Working with Alert involves the following basic steps: 

  1. Install Alert

  2. Configure Alert

  3. Set up user authentication and authorization if you want to add users other that the default users.

  4. Configure Black Duck provider

  5. Configure notification channels

  6. Create distribution jobs

  7. Schedule and audit notifications

  8. Reconfigure as required

Alert only supports TLS 1.2 and 1.3


Vulnerability update considerations

In Alert versions 5.0.0 and higher, vulnerability notifications include remediation information when available. This is listed as an additional section of the message, and is listed per component version.

For Black Duck versions 2020.10.0 and later, Synopsys will show the upgrade-guidance to replace the remediation information that was removed from Black Duck.