Configuring and Running the Plugin

After you install the plugin, you configure it in Pipeline task.

Configure your Synopsys Detect for Azure DevOps plugin by adding configuration for your Black Duck server and adding Detect arguments.

Configuring the plugin

  1. Navigate to Your Collection > Project > Pipelines > Tasks. The plugin adds a new task of Run Synopsys Detect for your build
    You must add this task to your build queue. 

  2. Click Run Synopsys Detect for your build, and the Synopsys Detect panel displays on the right. In the Synopsys Detect configuration panel, complete the following fields and options.

  3. Display name: Type a unique name in this field.  Note that the name you type here displays in the left panel; the default name is Run Synopsys Detect for your build.

  4. Click+ New to add a new Black Duck Service Endpoint and then configure the details.

  5. Click+ New to add a new Black Duck Proxy Service Endpoint and then configure the details.

  6. Detect Version: Version of the Detect binary to use. Synopsys recommends using the latest; you can specify a version override if desired.

  7. Detect Run Mode: Select the run mode. If you select Use Airgap Mode, a Detect Air Gap Jar Directory Path field opens in which you must specify the Detect Air Gap Jar Path.

  8. Detect Arguments: Here you can include additional Detect arguments; Detect picks up your build environment variables and your project variables. Use a new line or space to separate multiple arguments. Use double quotes to escape. You can use environment and build variables.  For more information on Detect arguments, refer to Synopsys Detect Properties.

  9. Detect Folder: The location to download the Detect jar or the location of an existing Detect jar. The default is the system temp directory.  To specify a different directory, type the directory path and name in the field.

    Windows agents require an absolute path when specifying detect download location in the Detect Folder field.

  10. Add Detect Task Summary: Click this checkbox to add a summary of the Detect task to the build summary task.

In the user interface, fields with a red asterisk ( * ) are required.  Some default values are provided, such as version.  Note that the following fields belong to Azure DevOps, and are not part of the Detect plugin:

  • Task version

  • Display name

  • Control Options

  • Output Variables

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