Configuring a Build Agent

To configure a build agent in your pipeline do the following under the Tasks tab on your pipeline page.

The default option for the build agent is the Microsoft hosted agent. To be able to select a self-hosted agent, you must have installed the agent and ensure that it's available to your project before you can use it in your pipeline. Click the ellipsis () next to Pipeline to Add an agent job.

  1. Click the ellipsis () next to Pipeline to Add an agent job.

  2. On the Agent job configuration screen, do the following:

    1. Select a self-hosted agent from your Agent pool or select Azure Pipelines for an Azure-hosted agent.

    2. If you select a hosted agent, then you must select an operating system such as macOS, Windows, or a version of Linux for the hosted agent VM.

If the agent is behind a proxy you need to configure proxy settings in the Synopsys Detect plug-in.

This is not an airgap option as internet connections are still required for downloading other tools and the script will still download new content if needed.