Synopsysctl is a cloud-native administration command-line tool for deploying Synopsys software in Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift.

Use synopsysctl to deploy and manage Synopsys software, such as Black DuckBlack Duck OpenShift solution (OpsSight), Black Duck Alert, and Black Duck Binary Analysis (standalone).

Before you install synopsysctl, you must satisfy the requirements for installing synopsysctl. When you've downloaded and decompressed the synopsysctl files, you can use the synopsysctl command-line tool to install the Black Duck applications. 

Synopsysctl is a command-line tool that has the following characteristics:

  • Synopsysctl is an executable binary that you download from GitHub.
  • Synopsysctl eliminates the need to edit YAML or JSON configuration files when you deploy and manage Synopsys software.
  • Synopsysctl provides a rich set of command-line parameters that enables fast and highly-configurable deployments of Black Duck, Black Duck OpenShift solution (OpsSight), Black Duck Alert, and Black Duck Binary Analysis. Note that Binary analysis can be installed as standalone or integrated with Black Duck, which is a common usage.
  • Synopsysctl’s interface mimics that of kubectl and oc, making it readily familiar to anyone with Kubernetes and / or Red Hat OpenShift experience.
  • You can use synopsysctl in scripts.

  • Synopsysctl provides detailed help from the command line.

Basic workflow

  1. Ensure that you meet the cluster and other requirements.
  2. Download synopsysctl.
  3. Install Synopsys software using the synopsys CLI tool.
  4. Configure your Synopsys software.
  5. Start using the installed software.

Synopsysctl versioning

With the decommissioning of Synopsys Operator, synopsysctl uses semantic versioning that started from synopsysctl version 1.0.0, which was introduced at the same time as the Black Duck 2020.4.0 release but follows independent and separate versioning henceforth.

When Synopsys Operator was available with synopsysctl the versions were closely aligned with Black Duck releases, for example, the Synopsys Operator 2020.2.0 release corresponded with Black Duck 2020.2.0 release.

Synopsys Operator decommissioning 

Synopsys Operator was decommissioned when synopsysctl version 1.0.0 was introduced.

Synopsysctl version 1.0.0 or later enables the removal of Synopsys Operator and the migration of Black Duck applications that were installed and managed by Synopsys Operator to a a configuration that is now managed by synopsysctl only.

You can still use Synopsys Operator with synopsysctl version 2020.3.0 and previous versions. This change enables broader scope for Synopsys to add more Black Duck product enhancements in future releases, whilst retaining full functionality to manage Synopsys applications in your cluster. Synopsys Operator depended on a synopsysctl installer and a custom controller.

  • Users who used previous versions of synopsysctl to install Black Duck applications won't see as any difference when upgrading to synopsysctl version 1.0.0 apart from benefiting from new and improved features.
  • Users who used Synopsys Operator to install Black Duck products and who upgrade Black Duck applications using synopsysctl 1.0.0 automatically migrate from Synopsys Operator to synopsysctl when they run the synopsysctl update command.

    When you upgrade Black Duck applications using synopsysctl version 1.0.0, Synopsys Operator is automatically removed but you maintain full control and functionality of your Black Duck applications by using synopsysctl.

Continuing to use previous versions of Synopsys Operator

If you deployed Black Duck applications using Synopsys Operator previously and you want to continue using previous versions of Synopsys Operator that exist prior to the release of synopsysctl 1.0.0, you can do so, but when you upgrade Black Duck applications with synopsysctl version 1.0.0, Synopsys Operator and its components are automatically removed.

  • You can't upgrade to Black Duck 2020.4.0 or later using Synopsys Operator; you must use synopsysctl 1.0.0 or later.
  • Synopsys Operator only enables upgrades to Black Duck 2020.2.1 and Alert 5.3.0 versions. For upgrades to later versions of Black Duck or Alert, you must use synopsysctl 1.0.0 or later.
Refer to the Synopsys Operator Release Notes page for information about Synopsys Operator releases.
For information about older versions of Synopsys Operator, refer to the Archived Versions page.